Terms of Service

Here are our terms of service in their full glory. If you have any questions about any part, we encourage you to contact us.  

Where the content states: "We" includes MKWServer or any party acting on MKWServer's implicit instructions. "You" includes the person purchasing the services or any party acting on the customer's instructions. "Member" includes the purchaser of services or any party acting on the purchaser's instructions. "Server" means the computer server equipment in connection with the provision of the Services. "Web Site" means the area on the Server allocated by us to you for use by you as a site on the Internet. "TOS" includes this agreement. MKWServer reserves the right to modify this policy at any time, effective immediately upon posting of the modification. In consideration of the mutual covenants herein, the parties agree to the following, which shall apply during the term of this agreement.  


Free domains like






Are banned and not allowed on our servers due to the amount of abuse


Account Credits  

By adding credit to your account, you authorize us to charge your account for bandwidth, disk space, and other account usages at the rates specified for each account.  

Credit cannot be refunded.  

Any credit issued by MKWServer under a promotion also cannot be refunded. 



All charges payable by you for the Services shall be in accordance with the scale of charges and rates published from time to time by us on our web site and shall be due and payable in advance of our service provision. We reserve the right to change pricing at any time although all pricing is guaranteed for the period of pre-payment.  

Without prejudice to our other rights and remedies under this Agreement, if any sum payable is not paid on or before the due date, we shall be entitled forthwith to suspend the provision of Services to you.  



We have 30 Days refund policy only for Hosting Services.  

No refund provides on Domain Name purchase an SSL Certificate purchases.  

No refunds will be made for Services suspended or terminated.  



If you fail to pay any sums due to us as they fall due, we may suspend the Services and/or terminate services with/without notice to you.  

If you break any of these terms and conditions, we may suspend the Services and/or terminate services with/without notice to you  

No refunds will be made for Services suspended or terminated.  

We reserve the right to suspend the Services and/or terminate services.  

You may cancel the Services at any time by logging into the Ticket Desk Support System (for verification) and requesting cancellation of services.  

On termination of this Agreement or suspension of the Services, we shall be entitled immediately to block your Web Site and to remove all data located on it.  

Suspended service due to non-payment or any other reason may be removed after 10 days.  



On our site, you will find links to all the information to get your web site up and running. All information pertaining to your account should have been included in the Welcome Letter you received when we created your account. If you did not receive a welcome letter email, please contact our Support Team. There are several reasons an email may not reach you; first and foremost is if the domain you have contracted services for is the same domain your welcome email was sent to.  

The support feature of our service at present consists of our Support System solving server related problems only.  

If you require support for your scripting, we may point you in the right direction, but no guarantees are made on the level of 3rd party script support.  

Support can only be addressed in English through our Support System.  

All Support requests are to be processed through our Support System.  



This Agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the federal law of the United States and our respected datacenters, whichever is applicable, without regard to conflict of laws principles.


Torturous Conduct 

Any abuse towards any MKWServer employee will not be tolerated. You are expected to request and respond to support and other issues in a professional manner. When emailing MKWServer or utilizing the Ticket Desk Support System, refrain from using caps, exclamation points, and other forms of written yelling. Any cursing, yelling, or further intentional disruptive behavior aimed at MKWServer or its employees shall be considered a violation of this TOS.  

Any threat; whether verbally, orally, written, or delivered by second parties directed towards MKWServer or any of its employees, partners, equipment, and concerns shall be construed as a violation of this TOS.  

No refunds shall be given when the contents of this section necessitate the removal of the account.  


Entire Agreement  

These terms and conditions together with any documents expressly referred to in them, contain the entire Agreement between us relating to the subject matter covered and supersede any previous Agreements, arrangements, undertakings or proposals, written or oral: between us in relation to such matters. No oral explanation or oral information given by any party shall alter the interpretation of these terms and conditions. In agreeing to these terms and conditions, you have not relied on any representation other than those expressly stated in these terms and conditions and you agree that you shall have no remedy in respect of any misrepresentation which has not been made expressly in this Agreement.  

MKWServer reserves the right to amend these TOS at any time.  

It is your responsibility to check these Terms of Service on occasion for any such amendments.  


Last Updated: 3/19/2020

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