Refund Policy

Package Renewal

All packages are automatically renewed on their renewal date after the initial term. The next renewal dates are included in every invoice. All package renewals will be invoiced 10 days prior to their renewal date unless other arrangements have been made or a cancellation request has been received. Cancellation requests must be received up to five days prior to the next package renewal date in order to not be automatically billed for the next renewal period. Domain renewals are processed at least 30 days before the domain expiration date. Requests to cancel a domain registration must be submitted 30 days before the domain expiration date. Once an invoice is generated and paid, a domain renewal cannot be cancelled or refund issued. New packages added to an existing account will not be activated until all invoices on the billing account are paid even if the invoices are not yet due. New packages that are ordered but unpaid for 14 days will be removed from our billing system.

Upgrades and Downgrades

Upgrades become effective only after payment for the package price difference is paid. In the event of a downgrade, the amount of the package price already paid over the new package price for that cycle will be placed on the billing account as a service credit. Refunds will not be issued.


If there is an issue with your account or support, we'd be happy to resolve any questions or concerns you may have. Please feel free to submit a support ticket with your issue. Please request an escalation if this is due to an unsatisfactory answer to a previous issue. All cancellation requests must be sent through the cancellation form your member area. Refunds are not offered for partial months of service. Accounts that are terminated due to Terms of Service violations are not eligible for any refunds.


Refunds are issued for hosting when a request to cancel a hosting package is submitted via our cancellation form within 30 days of account signup. Domain registrations and SSL certificates, Dedicated Servers or VPS Serevrs are not refundable.

For free addons (eg. domain registration promotions (.com, .net and .org or etc..), or Free SSL Certificates) the retail price of the addon will be deducted from the refund amount upon cancellation. You will retain ownership of the domain or SSL.

Billing Errors

If you discover an error on your invoice please notify us as soon as possible by either calling or submitting a ticket to our Billing Department at member support area. We will honor invoice errors as long as we are notified of them within 60 days. If more than 60 days have elapsed we may decline the refund request. If a refund is in order it will go onto your account as a service credit to be used on a future invoice.

Last Update: 01/12/2020 - 21:31pm

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